Evangelism Course – and our other projects

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Web site or page  Short description
INDEX (of DOTA course) Immediate access to various topics. This pdf contains a list of topics and an explanation how to find the corresponding page in the DOTA course.
dota.net  Manual 1–4 A discipleship course based on the characteristics of a disciple.
dota.net  Manual 5–8 A course to built up the local church, including Bible studies of the Gospel of JOHN.
dota.net  Manual 9–12 A course to train church leaders, including Bible studies of the letter to the ROMANS.
deltacourse.org A discipleship course based on salvation history.
evangelismcourse.site Tested tools for evangelism including an Evangelistic Bible Study and the Discovery Group.
biblebooks.site An introduction to every book in the Bible before you read or study it, including commentaries on DANIEL and REVELATION.